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BACKING small business

Did you know that over 650,000 West Aussies are employed by small businesses? Australia’s economy is built on the hard work of small business and there are almost 14,000 in our local community of Pearce. I recently caught up with Rupert to see how the Government can continue to support our vital small business sector - check out the video below.

The House of Honey - Herne Hill

Born in Kenya, Rupert developed a keen interest in bees from a very young age, keeping a close eye on a colony of bees at his family's farm. It has been a life-long dream of Rupert's to open a dedicated honey shop and cafe for people to experience the many types of honey and learn about bees. 

In 2010, Rupert and his wife, Kim, turned that dream into a reality when they opened The House of Honey and The Sticky Spoon Café in Herne Hill. Watch to find out how Rupert and Kim took advantage of the Liberal Government’s policies designed to help small business grow. 

Our hardworking small businesses need a tax system that supports them and that is what we are providing - when we support small businesses our whole community benefits.
— Christian Porter MP

Support for your small business

You may be eligible for grants and assistance designed to help small business.

Immediate deductions for small businesses

The Government’s Ten Year Enterprise Tax Plan allows businesses with turnover up to $10 million to access a number of small business concessions, including immediate deductions for assets costing less than $20,000. The Government has passed legislation that extends the $20,000 instant asset write-off for a further 12 months to 30 June 2018. This means these businesses can deduct the full purchase price of eligible assets from their income for another year to 30 June 2018, reducing their tax burden for that year.

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Entrepreneurs' Programme

Offers assistance and tailored support to entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses to improve their capability and competitiveness. Eligible businesses can receive support through four elements: business management; innovation connections; incubator support; and accelerating commercialisation.

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Unincorporated Small Business Tax Discount

The Government’s Ten Year Enterprise Tax Plan increased the tax discount for unincorporated small businesses from 5 per cent to 8 per cent in 2016-17 and increased the turnover threshold from $2 million to $5 million. The maximum discount will remain capped at $1,000 per individual per income year.

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Tax Incentives for Early Stage Investors

The tax incentives provide eligible investors with a 20 per cent carry-forward non-refundable tax offset on investments made in qualifying early stage innovation companies (capped at $200,000 per investor, per annum) as well as a 10 year capital gains tax exemption for eligible investments made in qualifying early stage innovation companies held for at least 12 months.

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Tax cuts for small business

The Government’s Enterprise Tax Plan reduced the tax rate for incorporated businesses from 28.5 per cent to 27.5 per cent effective from 2016-17, while increasing the turnover threshold that businesses need to be under to qualify for the lower rate from $2 million to $10 million. The tax rate will then be phased down to 25 per cent.

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Find more measures designed to help small businesses

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Our 10 Year Enterprise Tax Plan

The Liberal Government’s Ten Year Enterprise Tax Plan will support growth, higher wages and jobs by lowering the tax rate for companies over time to an internationally competitive level. We have already:

  • Cut small business company tax rate to 27.5% for small businesses with a turnover less than $10 million

  • Extended access to the instant asset write off so that small businesses with a turnover less than $10 million can instantly deduct each and every asset under $20,000

We will continue to support small business by:

  • Progressively lowering the company tax rate to 25%

  • Providing incentives to States that reduce unnecessary regulatory restrictions on competition and small businesses

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Labor’s Alternative Tax Plan

Labor has no plan for small business other than to roll back tax cuts, putting a handbrake on jobs and growth. So far, we know Labor’s alternative tax plan includes:

  • Rolling-back small business tax cuts

  • Imposing a 30% tax on trust distribution

  • Increasing taxes on families, singles, retirees and small business owners by more than $150 billion

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