Tonkin Highway and Reid Highway INTERCHANGE NOW OPEN!


Western Australia’s biggest high-speed interchange is will open on Sunday 24 March following the completion of works on NorthLink WA’s most complex component – the intersection of Tonkin Highway and Reid Highway in Perth’s north east.

The opening of the interchange means motorists can now enjoy a free flowing journey in all directions, saving time and improving safety.

A new flyover will also replace the temporary roundabout that has been in place at Beechboro Road North, enabling traffic to go over Reid Highway.

Motorists travelling north on Tonkin Highway will now be able to travel on the new section of road as far as the Gnangara Road T-junction, about 7.5km north of the Reid-Tonkin interchange.

Driving conditions are constantly changing and finishing works are still being completed so please pay careful attention to the new configuration and obey the signs.


Reid Highway is set to undergo a massive change with the first three ramps at the Tonkin Highway and Reid Highway interchange open to traffic early on Sunday 3 February.

The temporary roundabout will no longer be required and this will enable a free flowing journey from Reid Highway to Tonkin Highway.

The following ramps will be open:

  • Reid Highway westbound and eastbound will use new ramps onto Tonkin Highway southbound

  • Tonkin Highway northbound will need to use the right lane and navigate a new loop ramp to access Reid Highway eastbound (towards Midland)

Watch the video to see how the changes will affect you.

We are another step closer to completing the billion-dollar NorthLink WA project and having the Central Section open by mid-2019. For more information head to Main Roads WA.

Tonkin Highway is now open between Hepburn avenue and Gnangara Road!

Motorists will no longer be able to use Hennessy Road between Beechboro Road North and Gnangara Road. The road will be permanently closed north of Jules Steiner Memorial Drive.

Access to Cullacabardee community and Whiteman Park hobby clubs will still be available via Hennessy Road (Beechboro Road North). Access to Hepburn Avenue and Tonkin Highway from Hennessey Road will be possible via a designated U-turn lane on Beechboro Road North (see image below).

20180124 - New Tonkin Highway between Gnangara Road and Hepburn Avenue.jpg

NorthLink WA will provide a direct route between Ellenbrook and Morley, cutting travel time by almost half!

The Liberal Government has committed over $820 million to fund the $1.02 billion NorthLink WA project, an investment that will create jobs, and get us home faster and safer. 

New Reid Highway interchange

The way motorists use the Tonkin/Reid Highway intersection has changed since the new Reid and Tonkin Highway bridge has opened to traffic.

The traffic lights will be removed at the intersection and a temporary roundabout put in place until mid-2019, eliminating one of the state’s most dangerous intersections.

The temporary roundabout will be located 500 metres northwest of the current traffic signals, allowing for the permanent switch of traffic onto the new Reid Highway bridge. Watch the video to see how the interchange will work. 


NorthLink WA, which is 80% funded by the Liberal Government, will:

  • provide a direct route between Muchea, Bullsbrook, Ellenbrook and Morley, cutting your daily travel time by almost 50%

  • remove 80% of the heavy traffic from Great Northern Highway, creating a safer Swan Valley

  • allow you to avoid up to 16 sets of traffic lights, two railway crossings, and 21 speed limit changes

  • support 7,000 new direct and indirect jobs

NorthLink WA will make our roads safer and our travel times shorter - meaning more time to do the things you want to do. Future works include interchanges at Hepburn Avenue, Gnangara Road and The Promenade at Ellenbrook, with flyovers at Beechboro Road North and Marshall Road. 

NorthLink WA is set to open in 2019!