Only Christian Porter will deliver Ellenbrook Pool

Children in Ellenbrook and surrounds will finally have the opportunity to learn to swim and enjoy access to a public swimming pool after the Morrison Liberal Government guaranteed the construction of the Ellenbrook Aquatic and Leisure Centre.

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, today announced that a re-elected Morrison Liberal Government would invest $25 million to make the Ellenbrook Pool a reality.

“This is a great day for Ellenbrook and means the Ellenbrook community will finally get the pool it has been calling out for,” Christian Porter said.

Today’s announcement follows extensive consultation with the City of Swan and a grass-roots community push to secure the necessary funds.

“Our community really got behind the push for this project, with thousands of signatures collected over the past 18 months and it’s great to be able to confirm today that the Ellenbrook Pool will be a reality under a re-elected Morrison Government,” Mr Porter said.

“This has taken a lot of hard work, but I am delighted that we’ve been able to secure the funds that will make this project happen.”

In November last year, Bill Shorten made a fly-in fly-out promise of $17 million toward the project, but demonstrating a lack of grass-roots knowledge, he fell well-short of what the City of Swan needs in order to actually make the project a reality.

“In typical Bill Shorten fashion, he passed through Ellenbrook making an inadequate promise on a project he appears to know nothing about,” Mr Porter said.

“Bill Shorten didn’t take the time to speak to the people who are planning the project.  If he did, he’d have known that $17 million is nowhere near enough to turn the Ellenbrook pool from a dream into a reality.”

City of Swan Mayor, Cr David Lucas, welcomed Mr Porter’s announcement, and said Labor’s other promise is not enough to make the project happen.

“Christian’s commitment of $25 million is what we need to build the Ellenbrook Pool and I thank him for taking the time to listen to the City and deliver this critical project for our community,” Mayor Lucas said.

“The reality is, anything less than Christian’s commitment of $25 million is not enough to get the pool built before another generation of residents come of age.”

Mr Porter said the real winners from today’s announcement were the families of Ellenbrook who will have a world-class facility for their kids to learn to swim and cool off in our long hot summer months.

“Only a re-elected Morrison Government can guarantee the construction of the Ellenbrook Pool,” Mr Porter said.