WA Labor backs down on crays policy


WA Labor has spectacularly back-flipped on its plan to nationalise 17% of Western Australia’s rock lobster industry.

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, said WA Labor’s policy back-flip was a win for common sense.

“This proposal risked the destruction of an entire industry and hurting hard-working West Australian families,” Mr Porter said.

“I heard from hundreds of people in my community who were incredibly worried about this proposal.

“Thank you to everyone who signed my petition and made their voices heard – we’ve forced WA Labor to back down and that’s a win for common sense.

Mr Porter said WA Labor’s back-flip was the latest in a long line of ill-conceived policy proposals that WA Labor have had to retreat from faster than they were announced.

“This back-flip comes on top of Mark McGowan and WA Labor’s humiliating back-down on plans to close School of the Air and cut funding to community resource centres.

“And it was only Federal Liberal funding that saved Moora Residential College from having to shut its doors after WA Labor cut their funding.

“But what Mark McGowan and WA Labor really need to do now for West Australians is reverse their 18% increase to electricity prices and 11.5% increase to water prices.”