WA Labor playing games with Mitchell Freeway extension

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WA Labor is proving once again they cannot be trusted to deliver the critical infrastructure our community relies on.

In May this year, WA Labor struck a deal with the Federal Liberal Government to deliver the Mitchell Freeway extension to Romeo Road. Now, WA Labor appears to be doing everything they can to crab-walk away from the promise to build this critical infrastructure.

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, said WA Labor’s conduct was beyond comprehension.

“Both Sabine Winton and Rita Saffioti, whose own State Government agreed to jointly fund the extension, now say they can’t proceed with the agreed 50/50 funding split between State and Federal Governments,” Mr Porter said. 

“What’s more outrageous is that this comes in the wake of the Federal Liberal team fixing WA’s GST issues and securing an extra $4.7 billion in GST money for our State.

“The only people this broken Labor promise hurts are those stuck in traffic each and every day.

“The Federal Liberal Government has allocated $108 million for the extension to Romeo Road – that’s real money in a real budget.

“On 27 April this year the WA Labor Government committed to fund the other half of the project and proceed to build the extension on an agreed 50/50 funding basis. Now, after taking the Federal Liberal money, Sabine Winton’s office say WA Labor cannot afford to build it right now.

“We’ve managed to secure a real GST fix for WA and specific funding for the extension to Romeo Road – let’s get on and build the critical infrastructure we all rely on with no more back-outs and broken promises from Sabine Winton.”

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