Wherefore art thou in the State Budget is Romeo Road?

Mitchell Freeway Hester Avenue opening - let's extend it further!

Mitchell Freeway Hester Avenue opening - let's extend it further!

Despite Mark McGowan and WA Labor talking about the need to extend Mitchell Freeway to Romeo Road at the Council of Australian Governments earlier this year, and despite the Federal Liberal Government committing $108 million to the project in this year’s Federal Budget; funding for the project was not included in the 2018-19 State Budget handed down last week.

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, said that it was completely inexplicable that partner funding from the State Labor Government was not included in last week’s State Budget. 

“The people in our northern suburbs know that the extension of the Mitchell Freeway to Romeo Road is utterly critical.  The Federal Liberal Government knows that it is critical, committing $108 million in federal funding; but it appears that the State Labor Government does not understand the critical needs in our northern suburbs,” Mr Porter said. 

“Other projects jointly funded by the Federal Liberal Government’s $3.2 billion infrastructure investment have State funding allocated in the State Budget – but not the Mitchell Freeway extension.

“This is despite the Freeway extension being one of the most advanced projects with no reason why construction cannot start as soon as possible.

“We should not accept excuses based around business cases or final planning. There are a whole range of projects that that are nowhere near as advanced as the Freeway north extension and where the State Government business cases are not yet finalised but those projects appear in the State Budget.

“I am at a loss as to why this critical project is not in the State Budget – either the State Labor Government have no idea how critical the project is to the northern suburbs or they are using classic accounting tricks to try and make their books look better than they actually are.

“We need to ask the State Labor Government and the State Labor Member Sabine Winton why the Freeway north extension is not in the State Budget.

“The funding for the Mitchell Freeway should be in the budget right now and construction should start straight away.”

To let the State Labor Government know that the Mitchell Freeway extension to Romeo Road should be in the State Budget go to