Labor lies and broken promises from Mark Folkard

Newly elected Labor MLA for Burns Beach, Mark Folkard, has broken a major election promise by failing to fund the upgrading of facilities at Abbeville Park in Mindarie.

In the days leading up to the March election Mr Folkard was all over social media and out in the community stating he would commit $400,000 to upgrade the facilities if he was elected – see quotes below.

But in Labor’s recent State Budget there is no line item for funding any upgrades at Abbeville Park over the next four years.

From a promise of $400,000 prior to his election to not a single cent after his election proves that Mark Folkard will say anything to win votes.

He has broken his promise and let down all of the people of Mindarie and surrounding communities.

Mark Folkard’s promise:  ($400,000)

  •  “I will be committing to $400,000 of upgrades at Abbeville Park that will only further provide great facilities for our sports clubs and the wider community” – Facebook Post, 7 March 2017

  • “very happy to have been able to commit to this. Local sports are an invaluable part of life for so many families” – Facebook Message to Neil Gornell, Mindarie FC, 9 March 2017

  • “As a police officer of 27-odd years, I am a strong advocate for community sports as I have seen, especially in young kids, the positive impact it has on people’s lives” North Coast Times, Lucy Jarvis article, 6 March  2017

  • “I have been especially lucky to have been involved with the Joondalup Brothers Rugby Union Club and value to relationships that are formed through clubs such as this.” North Coast Times, Lucy Jarvis article, 6 March 2017

Mark Folkard’s delivery in the four years 2017/2018 State Budget: $0.00

Abbeville Park is a large facility in Mindarie used by the general public and a number of groups, including:

  • Mindarie Football Club

  • Quinns Junior Cricket Club

  • Quinns Senior Cricket Club

  • Mindarie Mustangs Little Athletics Club

  • Mindarie Primary School

  • Mindarie P&C

I will continue to work together with Mindarie Football Club and other community groups in putting pressure on Labor MLA for Burns Beach, Mark Folkard, to deliver what he has promised.

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