Sky Muster users set to receive 50 per cent more peak data


Sky Muster satellite users are expected to receive around 50 per cent more peak data and twice as much off-peak data from October this year. 

The nbn will provide the extra data at no extra cost to retailers, although how the retailers structure their plans is up to them.

The Liberal Government heard and recognised the concerns from customers that Sky Muster did not supply enough data allowance for some customers, particularly for businesses, and raised these concerns with the National Broadband Network (nbn).

“We’ve listened to customers’ concerns and acted,” Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, said. 

“The Liberal Government made it clear to the nbn that they were to explore upgrades to all of the technologies used in the rollout and it is very pleasing to see that the nbn has brought forward this upgrade to Sky Muster.

“This increase in data is a great first step and there’s more on the way, including plans created solely for businesses.

"For the first time, we expect customers to be able to purchase plans of more than 100 gigabytes a month of peak data.

"This is fantastic for our local community and I am pleased to be delivering more data to Sky Muster users.”

An extra 35 gigabytes of peak data would allow, for example, a business to do 50 more hours of high definition video-conferencing with colleagues and clients, or a student to do 25 more hours of watching university lectures each month, or a photographer to send an extra 3500 pictures a month.

Under Labor, Sky Muster users were set to receive just 35 gigabytes of peak data a month in total.

The Coalition Government has already doubled the data available to Sky Muster users above what they would have received under Labor by using the second satellite rather than have it orbit the earth as a backup.

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