2016 Census sheds new light on Pearce

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, said that the first results released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABC) 2016 Census has revealed how Pearce has grown and developed over time.

“The ABS 2016 Census data released reveals what Australian people and their communities look like today and how much Pearce has changed at a local level over the past five years,” Mr Porter said.

“Census data is used by individuals, businesses and governments at all levels to make important decisions and the data from the 2016 Census can be used with confidence.”

The data released recently includes detailed, community-level data on population, housing, income, migration, language, religion, education, family structure, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin, and more.

Every person in Pearce has helped shape our national snapshot, revealing how society has grown and diversified over time, which then helps Governments of every level and persuasion shape well-informed policy.

“The Census is Australia’s most comprehensive dataset, providing in-depth information about how our local communities have changed and developed,” Mr Porter said.

“I thank the people of Pearce for their participation in the 2016 Census -the Census is a vital resource, which helps Governments, business big and small and communities shape the future of our nation over the next five years.”

The next release in October 2017 will feature data on employment, occupation, and qualifications.

The ABS will hold a series of Census Data Seminars around the country to help Australians better understand and use Census data. More information on these events can be found at