Further funding to fix road black spots

Road safety in Pearce has received another boost under the Liberal Government’s Black Spot Programme 2017-18 funding round. 

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, said that the further funding to upgrade roads that have a history of accidents is proof the Liberal Government is committed to improving road safety.

“The Black Spot Programme is a key part of the National Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan which aims to reduce the number of fatal and serious injury crashes on our roads each year,” Mr Porter said. 

“Residents will benefit from a safer local road network through the improvement of black spot locations.

“The history and notoriety of each black spot location will be recognised by local residents who use these roads regularly. 

“On average, completed black spot road projects reduce fatalities and injuries by 30 per cent.

“Accidents take a huge toll on families and our communities and I am pleased to see these upgrades approved.”

The approved projects are:

The Black Spot Programme allows anyone to make a submission for a safety upgrade to a road or intersection in their local area. 

For further information on the Liberal Government’s Black Spot Programme, or to nominate a black spot, go to