Pearce schools to receive funding boost


Schools across Western Australia will be the biggest winners in the new Quality Schools reforms announced by the Liberal Government this week.

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, said funding for WA schools would grow by an extra $1.7 billion over the next 10 years in a landmark reform package that would ensure targeted funding and evidence based programs for local students.

“This package ensures we are meeting the needs of students in Pearce and linking funding to school reforms which are proven to boost student results.

“This is a massive win for schools across Pearce and it is a huge improvement on the terrible deal Julia Gillard and Labor offered WA in 2013,” Mr Porter said.

“We’re delivering the real ‘Gonski’ needs-based funding model that Labor didn’t.

“While we know a strong level of funding for schools is vital, what’s more important is how that funding is used.

“David Gonski will lead a new inquiry into improving the results of Australian students focused on the most effective teaching and learning strategies to reverse declining results, and seek to raise the performance of schools and students.

“Our reforms will set our schools up for the future, and deliver fair, needs-based funding for all Australian students.”

The Liberal Government will be investing an additional $1.7 billion over the next decade on top of the current funding amounts. This will mean that WA schools will receive total Commonwealth funding of $28 billion over the next ten years.

Further details of the Liberal Government’s Quality Schools reform package are available at:

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