Slashed school funding for WA schools

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Schools across Western Australia were the biggest winners in the Quality Schools reforms announced by the Federal Liberal Government in May this year but yesterday became the biggest losers when WA Labor State Education Minister, Sue Ellery, announced $64 million of cuts to the State’s education system.

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, said the announcement was a slap in the face to WA families who were on the brink of getting the best education funding in the country.

“The Federal Liberal Government has promised an additional $1.7 billion investment in WA schools over the next decade on top of the current funding amount,” Mr Porter said.

“This additional funding meant that WA schools would receive federal funding of $25.4 billion over the next 10 years.

“But instead of cementing this win for WA families, the State Labor Government is going to rip $64 million in funding to our schools in an insulting and desperate attempt to meet infrastructure election promises they were never going to be able to afford.  

“The Federal Liberal Government recognises the importance of education and has made it a priority by delivering a new funding system ensuring every student gets the resources they need. The State Labor Government, on the other hand, is slashing education funding to try to fund their unfunded election promises.

“These education funding cuts are going to affect all West Australian parents with school aged children and it is insulting to those same parents to say that these cuts are about budget repair when really it is about paying for election promises.

“Our children’s education is being sacrificed because of the current State Labor Government’s out of control spending.

“I am encouraging everyone to get in contact with the Education Minister, Sue Ellery, and let her know how you feel about these education cuts.”

Among the cuts are:

  • Six camp school sites run by the Department of Education will close

  • Schools of the Air (SOTA) will close

  • Residential accommodation in Moora and Northam will close

  • Intake into the Level 3 classroom teacher program will be on hold until 2020

  • Funding for Gifted and Talented programs at 18 schools will be reduced by 25 per cent

  • Fees for holiday swimming lessons (VacSwim) will increase

  • Fees for a 10-day program will increase from $13.50 to $30, or $20 for families with a concession card

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