Dayton in desperate need of bus shelter

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, joined residents in calling for upgrades to public transport infrastructure in Dayton.

Mr Porter said that as Perth’s hottest months approach, bringing sometimes incredibly dangerous temperatures, residents of Dayton shouldn’t be expected to wait for public transport without appropriate shelter.

“The current bus shelter near Cranleigh Street in Dayton is completely inadequate – there’s no shelter or a place to sit,” Mr Porter said.

“Many of the 1,500-plus people that live in Dayton use public transport every day – meaning, rain, hail or searing heat, they are forced to wait without shelter for their bus.

“I know that this isn’t a major project request, but it is something that will make a major difference.”

Local Dayton resident, Melinda Richards, said she had used the bus shelter for many years and a shelter had not been forthcoming.

“It’s not much of a bus shelter – I’ve seen many people, even pregnant women, sitting on a stone near the shelter.

“We pay rates and taxes and we feel like we are not being looked after.”

Mr Porter is calling on the State Transport Minister and local member for the area, Ms Rita Saffioti, and the City of Swan, to work together to build a bus shelter for the residents of Dayton.

To sign the petition to get the bus shelter built, head to