Pearce residents to benefit from major private health insurance reforms

Private Health Insurance Family.png

The Liberal Government has announced a wide ranging package of reforms to make private health insurance simpler and more affordable for the people in Pearce.

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, said that every dollar matters to families in Pearce and these reforms will get better value for families and make policies easier to understand.

“Private health insurance is an essential and valuable part of the Australian health system,” Mr Porter said.

“By allowing insurers to discount hospital insurance premiums by up to 10 per cent, we are encouraging younger Australians aged between 18 to 29 years to take up private health insurance. The discount will phase out after people turn 40.

“People with hospital insurance that does not offer full cover for mental health treatment will be able to upgrade their cover and access mental health services without a waiting period on a once-off basis.

“Those living in our regional and rural areas will be better supported with insurers able to offer travel and accommodation benefits for people that need to travel for treatment.

“For the first time since 2001, in exchange for lower premiums, we will increase the maximum excess consumers can choose under their health insurance policies, allowing many consumers to reduce their premium increase in 2019.”

Mr Porter said that many people currently find their private health insurance confusing and their level of cover hard to understand.

“We will act to simplify private health insurance by requiring insurers to categorise products as gold/silver/bronze/basic, and use standardised definitions for treatments to make it clear what is and isn’t covered in their policies,” he said.

The website will be upgraded to make it easier to compare insurance products and insurers will be able to provide personalised information to consumers on their product every year.

Another part of the private health reform package includes boosting the powers of the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman and increasing its resources to ensure consumer complaints are resolved clearly and quickly. 

The Liberal Government is committed to private health insurance and we are committed to supporting the more than 13 million Australians that have taken out cover.

$6 billion is invested every year in the private health insurance rebate to help keep premiums affordable for Australian families.

By contrast, Labor hates private health insurance and has already confirmed that they will cut the rebate. This will hurt millions of Australian families.

While in government, Labor cut $4 billion from the private health insurance rebate and means tested it. And now they’ve confirmed they want to do it again.

The Liberal Government is committed to improving private health insurance into the future, and our reform work will continue.