Big Brother Bill can't be trusted on Ellenbrook Rail

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, says he’s not surprised that after failing to allocate any funding for construction work on the Ellenbrook Rail Line, the McGowan Government has turned to Big Brother Bill to bail them out of a broken election promise. 

“Mark McGowan and Rita Saffioti’s newest idea for funding the Ellenbrook Rail Line is to ask for it from someone who isn’t even in government – and who cannot actually allocate a real cent to the project,” Mr Porter said. 

“This is typical Labor – it’s easy to allocate money to things when you don’t have to actually pay for them. Mark McGowan also promised to fund and build the Ellenbrook Rail Line when he was in Opposition but when it came to his first budget not a single cent was allocated to its construction.

“In WA we see these empty promises made by Labor time and time again. In 2007 Kevin Rudd also swept into the State promising a WA infrastructure fund with $100 million a year. It never happened, WA never saw a cent.

“Wayne Swan came to WA in 2010 and promised a $2 billion WA infrastructure fund. It never happened, WA never saw a cent. 

“Bill Shorten’s pledge to build the Ellenbrook Rail Line cannot be trusted.

“The reality is that the Federal Liberal Government has already provided near to double what WA Labor asked for to build Metronet and still WA Labor didn’t commit to its construction in their first budget.

“WA Labor are grasping at straws to fix this glaring broken promise and sending in Big Brother Bill to promise money he has no way to deliver is nothing short of desperate.”

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