Labor vote to penalise Western Australia again

The Labor party has once again betrayed the people of Western Australia by voting to keep the mining tax in Parliament today.

Federal Member for Pearce Christian Porter said the Labor party had been misleading the West Australian public about whether it supports or opposes the mining tax but today the Labor position was clear.

“In Canberra today Labor voted against the Coalition’s legislation to repeal this anti-Western Australian tax,” Mr Porter said.

“The mining tax is a distorting and damaging tax which was designed by Labor to target Western Australia. As a former State Treasurer I know all too well how bad this tax is for our local economy.”

Mr Porter said the impact of Labor’s bad taxes was already having a negative impact on jobs in Western Australia.

“When Labor was elected to government in December 2007, the unemployment rate in WA was 3.3 percent,” he said. “After Labor’s job-destroying mining and carbon taxes, unemployment had gone up to 5.9 percent.

“In voting down the repeal of the tax Bill Shorten, and the Labor Party, have today completely betrayed Western Australia.”