Two thirds of red tape decisions now implemented

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, Christian Porter, has today announced that more than two thirds of the $2.45billion worth of decisions taken by the Coalition Government to reduce red tape have now been implemented.

With the Omnibus Repeal bills due to be debated in the house tomorrow, Mr Porter has described how the high implementation rates of the Coalition Government’s red tape reduction programme have resulted in a practical effect in the Australian economy.

“As at the March Repeal Day, the Coalition had taken $2.45billion worth of decisions to cut red tape,” Mr Porter said.

“Some of these decisions involved changes and reductions to acts and regulations, with the Government getting rid of a net 10,634 legislative instruments and 1,839 whole Acts of Parliament.

“But the most impressive reductions have been achieved by changing inefficient and bureaucratic processes inside Federal Government Departments without the need to amend any Parliamentary Acts.

“All of these reforms together have produced $2.45 billion worth of red-tape reduction decisions, with the Government now having implemented more than $1.57 billion of these.

“The red tape agenda is, by any measure, a very substantial achievement of the Coalition Government.

“The simple fact is that the Australian public now deals with significantly less federal red tape than at any time under the previous Labor Government.”

Mr Porter said that, having achieved $2.3billion in red tape reduction decisions in 2014, the Government was well on its way to achieving the $1billion red tape reduction target for 2015 and details of further new initiatives to cut red tape would be provided at the next Repeal Day on 12 November.

“More than 80 per cent of Government red tape flows not from the rules themselves but from the way regulators interpret their duties and administer the rules so initiatives have been achieved by changing inefficient and bureaucratic processes inside Government departments. This has enabled us to fast track the bulk of our red tape reductions to implementation without needing to pass legislation.

“When the Coalition took Government we made it a priority to conduct the first ever stocktake of regulatory burden inside Government.

“By the end of the former Labor Government red tape was costing Australia a staggering $65billion a year – or 4.2 per cent of GDP.

“Australia now has its most precise, comprehensive and transparent programme and the Coalition is reversing the growing costs of red tape under the previous Labor Government.

“For every $1 of new regulation that has developed since the last election the Coalition has devised ways to get rid of $7.50 of inefficient wasteful regulation in its place.

“The Coalition’s goal is to make life easier for Australians – and to make it easier for businesses to decide to invest and create more jobs – and that is exactly what we are doing.”