Record compliance with best practice regulatory regime moves Government closer to $3 billion red tape reduction target

The Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) has today released the Best Practice Regulation Report 2013-14.

The independent report confirms the Coalition Government has set a record level of compliance with the regulation impact statement (RIS) requirements.
The RIS requirements were designed to ensure that, before any major policy decision is taken by a government, the costs of new regulation and the savings of culling old regulation are clearly measured and understood.
Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, the Hon Christian Porter MP, said that a critical and very positive finding of the Best Practice Regulation Report was that it identified only one circumstance of an exemption from the RIS process for the Government in 2013-14. The Prime Minister granted an exceptional circumstance exemption for the Qantas Sale Amendment Bill 2014.
This compares to a total of 27 exemptions over the previous three years under the last Labor Government.
“In 2010-11 under the previous Labor Government there were 14 Prime Ministerial exemptions granted from the RIS process and general compliance was only at 75 per cent,” Mr Porter said.
“Under the Coalition Government there is a clear and concerted deregulation agenda designed to cut the cost burden of red tape on Australian business, community organisations and individuals.
“An important part of this agenda was that, soon after coming to Government, the Coalition strengthened the RIS process that requires all major changes to be subject to a clear analysis of the cost of any new regulation.
“Part of the strengthened RIS process was that, for the first time, policy changes had to be assessed for the cost impact they had on individuals as well as businesses and the Government gave a real commitment to actually observe the new, more rigorous gatekeeping process.
“Compliance with the new, tougher process is now sitting at 98 per cent.
“The strengthened RIS system put in place in 2013 has resulted in more accountable policy development and transparency in Government and the release of the 2013-14 Best Practice Regulation Report demonstrates the Coalition’s commitment to good, orderly decision-making designed to fully account for the regulatory cost saving impacts of any new policy measure.”
The Best Practice Regulation Report 2013-14 is available on the OBPR website: