New satellite broadband on the horizon for Pearce

495 interim satellite users in Pearce are a step closer to having access to fast, reliable broadband following the launch of the first of NBN Co’s two world-class communication satellites, the Sky Muster.

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, said that the launch of the Sky Muster will deliver fast, reliable broadband to the Pearce community.

“Unlike other satellites that carry a mix of services, Sky Muster is optimised for broadband and is among the highest capacity internet-providing satellites ever built,” he said.

“Labor’s interim satellite solution in rural communities was a debacle – constituents routinely call my office telling me that they have lost their connection to the internet.

“The launch of the Sky Muster satellite is a significant step in the Coalition Government delivering on its promise to get the NBN rollout back on track and ensuring that all Australians can access fast, affordable broadband.

“Labor had six years in office and delivered almost nothing for rural and regional Australia – they promised the world to residents in my electorate but their handling of the NBN rollout was a slow train wreck.

“Since the Coalition Government came to office, the fixed wireless network has grown significantly, reaching more than 280,000 homes and businesses in rural and regional Australia compared to just 39,000 premises in September 2013.”

The two high-capacity satellites will use the latest technology to deliver wholesale speeds of up to 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload to retail service providers across Australia – much faster than any previous residential satellite service offered in Australia.

The entire Australian mainland, Tasmania and five other islands: Christmas, Cocos, Lord Howe, Norfolk and Macquarie Islands will be covered by the satellite footprint, with the satellite using 101 spot beams in an advanced design to ensure there is capacity for Australia’s vastly distributed population.

Mr Porter said that the Coalition Government recognises that fast and reliable broadband access is an important step towards overcoming some of the difficulties faced by Australians in rural and remote areas.

“The Coalition Government is determined to maximise the value of these satellites by delivering content in the most innovative and efficient ways, and by prioritising uses which are of high social value,” he said.

“In particular, this Government has asked NBN Co to develop a dedicated port for education and other ‘public interest’ uses such as e-health that can deliver content separately and not eat into monthly data allowances.

“These satellites will transform rural and regional communities’ connectivity and deliver real benefits to the Pearce community.”

NBN Co is investing approximately $2billion in the design, construction and launch of the two satellites and other ground-based equipment and services. Sky Muster and its sister satellite will be among the world’s most advanced communications satellites.

The second satellite is scheduled for launch in early 2016 and users will be able to connect broadband and voice services from around April next year following beam commissioning and product testing.

Further information about the Sky Muster satellite and NBN Co’s satellite broadband service is available