Local MP responds to student concerns

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, recently visited Yanchep Beach Primary School where he was presented with a bundle of postcards from Miss Zoghbi’s Year 5 and 6 class.

The students had researched the Millennium Development Goals in class and wrote postcards to Mr Porter about the goal which most resonated with them.

The issues raised by the students included: eliminating poverty; achieving universal primary education; gender equality; global conflicts; and environmental issues such as climate change.

“The letters I received from the students were impressive and very well researched – at times they were also very entertaining,” Mr Porter said.

“I spent the weekend writing to each of the students so that they would receive a response before they broke for the summer holidays.

“Young people often have a remarkable way of simplifying very complex issues down to the very heart of the matter – spending a lot of time reading complex and lengthy briefs, it was a refreshing change.

“It is also truly encouraging to see young minds engaged in such important global issues – I encouraged each of the students to continue to engage with important issues and to be advocates of positive change.”

Below is a selection of extracts from some of the students’ letters:

I feel deeply concerned about the low quality of education that many children around the world get. If we all pitch in, education will become better for all which will make everyone smarter.” – Kayla

I am writing to you to express my feelings about poverty… So to help this change, one of my ideas that may help you achieve zero poverty by 2030 is to take 50c a fortnight off people who earn $35k a year.” – Samuel

I would love to live in a world where every single woman can drive a car … and where girls can go to school and have whatever job they want.” – Monique

Sometimes I think to myself, how would I feel if I was living in poverty and I know I wouldn’t like it at all – I think we could stop this.” – Faith

I am writing about my concern for gender equality. I believe that discrimination to women is disrespectful. We need to do something about it immediately – this problem is only going to get worse otherwise.” – Shane

I am writing to you about my concern about marine wildlife. Before we set a plan for the future we need to secure the lives of our marine wildlife.” – Rachel

I am bringing to your attention my concerns about gender equality. We need to do something about this as this issue is getting worse day by day. In most countries lives are changed because of these issues, also women should get the same rights that men have otherwise it is highly unfair.” – Eva