Cyber Security Roundtable with Australian business leaders

The Australian Coalition Government yesterday met with Australian business leaders to further develop key initiatives arising from the Prime Minister’s inaugural Cyber Security Summit in July.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, Christian Porter, chaired the industry Roundtable, where 22 industry leaders gathered to discuss potential future strategies to strengthen the nation’s cyber security landscape, jointly across business and government.

“At the July Summit, business leaders told us they wanted national leadership and a coordinated approach to address cyber security threats, one that included a strong partnership between the Government, businesses and the research community,” Mr Porter said. 

“Yesterday the Government started in earnest the process of engaging business leaders to work with Government to co-design a range of practical initiatives.

“We considered ways to share critical information about cyber threats and enable rapid response to issues. 

“We shared ideas about identifying best practice cyber security for Australian businesses and we also talked about ways to grows Australia’s cyber security workforce and meet critical job needs.

“Importantly, we discussed the role that innovation plays in growing economic opportunities for Australian businesses and developing home-grown cyber security capability. 

“We will continue to develop these ideas and feedback from the summit and today’s meeting will inform a new Cyber Security Strategy, to be released later this year.”

The Australian Government is investing in cyber security initiatives to support businesses and the community. To date, these investments include $14.6 million in the Australian Cyber Security Centre, $3 million for cybercrime reporting and $10 million on countering email spam and online scams. Information on the Cyber Security Review and Strategy can be found at