Australian Cyber security centre 2015 threat assessment released

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has released its first unclassified threat assessment today, highlighting the extent of the threat landscape and the reach that cyber actors have in Australia.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, Christian Porter, said the report emphasised that cyber espionage and cybercrime pose a significant risk to our national security and economic prosperity.

“In an increasingly complex environment where more and more of our daily lives and business transactions are being carried out online, security intrusions have the potential to cause severe havoc across our economy,” Mr Porter said.

“The Australian Government recognises the very real cyber threats we face and is currently working with industry to develop a proactive approach to mitigating cyber threats and increasing security across our networks. The message has been clear, we need to show greater leadership in Government and work closely with business to collectively lift our cyber defences.

“The Prime Ministers Cyber Security Summit earlier this month was the first of many discussions between Government and business leaders. I will be continuing these discussions with further meetings to be held in August to develop practical ways to progress the partnership on cyber security.

“The National Cyber Security Strategy will be released in the coming months and will provide guidance across all sectors of the Australian economy to increase our position as a hard target for potential adversaries.”

The Australian Government will continue to invest in cyber security initiatives to support businesses and the community. To date, these investments include $14.6 million in the Australian Cyber Security Centre, $3 million for cybercrime reporting and $10 million on countering email spam and online scams.