Recovered GST money builds Mitchell Freeway Extension


The Connolly Queue…you know what I’m talking about right?

Trying to get to the Freeway every morning down Connolly Drive or Marmion Ave can be one of the most frustrating parts of the day.

Having to negotiate shopping centres, school zones, roundabouts and traffic lights makes the trek to and from work that much harder for all of us living up here in the northern suburbs.

Just like you, I deal with it all the time. I get it.

And that’s why I fought hard to get the Mitchell Freeway extension out to Hester Ave – to cut down our time on the road and get us all home to our families quicker.

I’m not going to bore you with stats and facts about how much this project cost.

But, when you get on the Freeway at Hester Ave, and you’re not stuck in the Connolly Queue, I do want you to know that the bitumen you’re driving on came from hard fought for GST dollars.

Over six years of a Federal Labor Government, WA did not get a single cent of compensation to our declining share of GST. So when I was elected in 2013 it was my priority to fight for a better share.

Along with my WA Liberal colleagues, I have worked hard to achieve $3.4billion in recovered GST money for our State.

Part of that funding paid for this important Freeway extension.

No one is more frustrated with how hard it is to get real change on this issue but I have been working hard to ensure we get real money for real projects in WA, delivering real jobs while I continue the fight in Canberra.

Is there more to do? Of course!

But without the support of Bill Shorten for a floor in our GST share it’s going to be a hard slog.

Malcolm Turnbull is working through COAG to set a floor in our GST share but we might be waiting a long time for Labor and Bill Shorten to help that process. I will always fight to make sure our community gets the compensation it deserves and the infrastructure we need to make our lives better.

I want to hear from you below - tell me how the Freeway extension is going to make a difference in your life.

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