shorehaven boulevard - fixed!

Our community has been fighting to get the intersection at Shorehaven Boulevard and Marmion Avenue fixed - that is now a reality thanks to the Federal Liberal Government!

A $2.5 million investment will make the intersection safer, meaning you will spend less time in traffic and more time at home with your family.

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition - without your support, this fix would never have happened.

The $2.5 million investment is part of a $96 million infrastructure package announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison earlier today to tackle congestion right across Perth. See the media release here.

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Bottleneck on Shorehaven Boulevard

UPDATE - Where we’re at…

Over 400 people have now signed the petition to fix the congested and dangerous Shorehaven Boulevard intersection - thank you for getting behind this critical upgrade!

I wrote to the WA Transport Minister on this critical issue, and the WA State Labor Government's lack of commitment to any action is just not good enough

Plain and simple, this is about safety - that’s why I will continue to fight to see this upgrade happen. Can you SHARE my video on Facebook to continue to spread the message?

It's incredibly important that we work together as a community to make sure our roads are safe. The intersection at Shorehaven Boulevard and Marmion Avenue is incredibly congested each and every morning and needs to be fixed! 

At peak times traffic is banked back hundreds of meters as people wait to get out onto Marmion Avenue, which increases the risk of an accident occurring.

Local business owner and resident, Josephine, says traffic has been getting worse as more people move into the area. “Every morning at particular times – work time, school time – it’s incredibly congested,” Josephine said.

“Traffic lights would be the ideal solution to fix the problem.”

Show your support and let's get this intersection fixed - sign the petition below!