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I was shocked to see that despite a deal being done, no State money was set aside in the State Budget for the Freeway extension, meaning the project is now in serious doubt.   

The State Labor Government made a 50-50 funding deal with the Federal Liberal Government for this project. The arrogance of the State Labor Government to be backing out of that deal only three weeks after making it is an insult to our local community.

You can read WA Labor's ridiculous list of excuses here.

Our community has fought long and hard for this Freeway extension, finally securing $108 million in the 2018-19 Federal Budget – real money in a real budget. 

WA Transport Minister, Rita Saffioti says, “…we want further Commonwealth funding. We would like a Commonwealth contribution of 80 per cent towards our major road projects…”

The deal was clear – the Mitchell Freeway extension to Romeo Road would go ahead with a $108 million contribution from the Federal Liberal Government, being 50% of the total project cost. 

Send WA Labor a message here: We need to get State Labor Member for Wanneroo, Sabine Winton to commit the WA State Labor Government to keep their part of the deal - sign the petition below!