ELLENBROOK rail - let's hold WA labor to their promise

WA Labor promised that construction on the Ellenbrook Rail Line would start in 2019 and would be completed by 2022. But what do they say now? See the video below to find out...

WA Labor have not allocated a single dollar to building the train line to Ellenbrook. For the next four years, the only funding allocated is a pitiful amount of "planning" money. Even the ABC are sceptical of Labor's Ellenbrook Rail promise - see the story here

Mark McGowan and WA Labor knew exactly what they were doing when they went to the election. They have proved once again that they will do whatever it takes to win seats with no regard for the people who placed faith in their lies.

WA Labor must be held to account. Let’s not stop until WA Labor make good on their promise to start building the Ellenbrook train line in 2019.

Sign the petition below to tell WA Labor they must make good on their promise.

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