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backflip! WA Labor backs down on crays

WA Labor has spectacularly backflipped on its plan to nationalise 17% of Western Australia’s rock lobster industry.

This proposal risked the destruction of an entire industry and hurting hard-working West Australian families.

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and made their voices heard – we’ve forced WA Labor to back down and that’s a win for common sense.

This backflip comes on top of Mark McGowan and WA Labor’s humiliating back-down on plans to close School of the Air and cut funding to community resource centres. And it was only Federal Liberal funding that saved Moora Residential College from having to shut its doors after WA Labor cut their funding.

But what Mark McGowan and WA Labor really need to do now for West Australians is reverse their 18% increase to electricity prices and 11.5% increase to water prices. SIGN the petition here.



WA Labor’s extraordinary proposal to nationalise part of Western Australia’s rock lobster industry sets a dangerous precedent and must be stopped.

WA Labor Minister for Fisheries, Dave Kelly, plans to increase the annual allowable catch from 6,300 tonnes to 8,000 tonnes and to seize control of 17.3 per cent of the industry.

That WA Labor thinks it is appropriate to be both regulator as well as the single biggest participant in an industry is extraordinary.

This is nothing more than a cash grab which risks destroying an entire industry and hurting hardworking West Australian families.

Fishing Families WA’s representative Clinton Moss said, “Generations of hardworking WA families have built this industry up over 70 years. It is a major employer, the backbone of many small towns up and down the coast, and a world leader in sustainability.

“This is a business that employs more West Australians than the big four banks, creates thousands of jobs in the regions, attracts tourists, and suddenly Dave Kelly decides the Government will take nearly 20 per cent for itself.”

Send a message to WA Labor by voicing your objection to this radical proposal and sign the petition below!